samuel sacher

Short biography

Samuel (formerly known as Srdjan) Sacher is a composer, songwriter and poet. He was born 1955 in Zagreb, Croatia. Samuel studied archeology and ethnology at the University of Zagreb, but dropped out before graduation to pursue a professional music career.

Samuel Sacher
photo by Branka Sacher

From 1980, he has been an active songwriter, singer and bass player in four Croatian bands: "Haustor", "Dee Dee Mellow", "Brojani", and "Vjestice", respectively.

From the begining of his career, Samuel Sacher has been involved in TV and theatre production as a composer, songwriter or performer. (For a detailed list of shows, please visit the TV and theatre page.)

From 1990 to 2000 he lived in Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal and South America. He then returned to Zagreb to record a new album with his band "Vjestice".
He lives with his wife Branka in Zagreb, some place in Istria or Lagos (Portugal).

In 2007 he changed his name from Srdjan to Samuel.
When the time comes, he plans to change it once more, to Santiago.