samuel sacher

kiss me NATO

I say
I need this
like I need a hole in my head
and I wonder
whose face will be on the sole of my shoe
when I step into NATO

he says
it won't hurt
he'll oil it a little
and push it slowly
it won't hurt
maybe a little
just this first time

he is well endowed
and he laughs nicely
resting his arms
on my shoulders
whispering softly
bend over a little bit
and he kisses me

there goes my childhood room
there goes my mother under
people are walking carrying letters
kill the red bastard!

he says it is good
that he is my first
I'm not to be affraid
he protects me now
and his boys are on the watch
every time

he opens the wine
filling the tub
looking at me gently, hugging me tightly
just his teeth glowing in the dark

no, I'm not on the screen
people say they'd see
so let's go, children, together to the beach
trayna nina ninena
there is no good away from Uncle Sam
only sorrow, misery and pain
so let's all join the chorus

give it to us NATO
give it to us

those are dogs that bark
the winter will be cold
since I shall be warm
for he has everything
look there on the christmast tree
glass and sweet coloured papers swing

he takes my hands
into his hands
he puts his tongue
into my mouth
turning off the light so I shall have darkness
and he kisses me

I say
I'm not into it
and this isn't my thing
but he just looks at me and smiles