samuel sacher

Two poems from "Kargo Kult"

the land that the explorers discovered
too late
and so it never happened

it's a pitty
for I've allready seen us together

tangled together and asleep
spellbound-saved beneath the pillows
drenched and prickled by chestnuts
on the postcard addresses accepted as a couple
with runny noses
in tears
out of breath

and so it never happenned

there lived in my street
a yellow tomcat Vasko
and in yours a boy found a marble
called »japanese«
with vanes as blue as somebody's eyes
he found and again lost in a moment
and so it never happenned

I say
for I've seen us allready
walking through town hand in hand
and there is no street
in that we haven't fallen in love

you know
my angel

they don't even have it in Germany
a bycicle that rides backwards
it's construction does not allow it

like love
it stands upright
only when it moves
or in circles
uphill – downhill
but forward
allways forward

you know
my angel
there is a forest in the sky
a land where there's no sadness

you and me?
although we have straighten up
our landing and takeoff runways
constructed little airplanes of pine laths
the big silver bird
just isn't landing
with presents